La The Argencrops business culture arises from its mission, from which are derived the basic principles that guide its actions and constitute the base for relations with clients, employees and the community. The values and policies, that define its identity and govern its conduct, are a fundamental pillar of its culture.
The values and policies that define its identity and govern its conduct are a fundamental pillar of its culture. Policies include:
  • Complete all work with excellence and quality.
  • Guarantee the product.
  • Assess, analyze and meet the expectations of our customers and offer them fair and diligent treatment.
  • Incorporate and maintain practices that protect the health and safety of the company's staff, as well as foster each employee's personal and career development.
  • Always protect the environment by adopting sustainable practices.

The leadership of Argencrops S.A. is reflected in a fully participatory management, where all the employees are involved in the decision-making process, allowing them to their autonomy and encouraging them to assume more responsibility and guide their own. Direct communication with the supervisor allows all members to express suggestions, concerns and proposals for improvement, thus the commitment and the sense of belonging to the company is increased.
Aware that its most important capital is human capital and that it is highly important to have motivated staff, Argencrops S.A. organizes a variety of internal events, recognizes the effort of each one of its employees through incentives, and maintains direct and fluid communication with everyone.